Friday, September 4, 2009

Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back!

July - while on vacation I had to put my beloved Barnacle Bo down when he got "bloat" while we were on vacation in WA.......needless to say really, really sucky vacation! I miss him so, so, so much.

I have been in blogging hiberation for the past two months. The summer heat sucked all the life, creativity, and motivation out of me. A recap of some happenings.

August - my pretty Squidney as well as I were devastatedly lonely and depressed missing our best friend.....we welcomed Riggs into our family who has brought much excitement, pee, poop, and chewed up things into our life

Sept - although only the first week, it has started off with a bang! 6 years of nursing and I have successfully avoided the feared deposition.......of course to break the ice I got called in on not one but yes TWO different cases in a matter of the past 5 days, gotta love that.

Other things to make note of:

- I finally went to the chiropractor got an adjustment and 3 weeks of therapy on my hip and am happy to say I am pain free and hopefully getting back into my running frame of mind and body

- I passed my level 3 pilates instructor test. I have two more levels within my program and then I can sit for my national certification!

Final food for does one break up with their hairdresser? I am in a style rut and the bad part is that as a person I really like my hairdresser and like to go chat it up however just not getting the creativity that the mop of mine needs right now.


I have decided to forgo the fall garden this year as Riggs has taken a liking to gardening or shall I say excavating and so I think it would be a losing fight at this point in trying to plant anything.

Looking forward to cooler temps and wishing I was taking another trip to New England this month like last year. Such beautiful colors!


  1. I'm sorry to hear about Barnacle Bo.

    Riggs is freaking adorable though!

    I've been in nursing for 13 years, & so far - knock on wood...

  2. so sorry about barnacle bo, heartbreaking :( hmmmm, yeah i've heard that having to do a deposition is one of the most stressful thing ever. sorry about that, but two in 6 years isn't too bad, so good luck with those.

  3. welcome back! sorry about bo. congrats on the new pup! as for breaking up, just do the passive aggressive thing and stop going. have you ever tried melinda at switchblade? i've been going to her for years and years and i love that girl. (waay before derby, hehehe)

  4. i'm so sorry about your pup. :( it's so hard to say goodbye to a beloved dog/best friend.
    i broke up with my hairdresser, cheated on her with another hairdresser at the same salon (terrible, i know), then went crawling back to her but have really liked my hair since going back to her. good thing she isn't spiteful or i'd be bald.