Sunday, October 30, 2011


I'm playing hookie today from work......sometimes you just need what I like to call and "mental health day".  I was so tired yesterday and then didn't get any sleep last night. 

This past week was pretty fun at our box.  They are celebrating the one year anniversary of opening and so all week we had team competition between the various class times.  It all came down to Fridays WOD which also just happened to be Grace.  Anyways the prescribed weight for females in this WOD is 95lbs!!!!  Our high and what I had to do was 30 clean and jerks at 75lbs for time.  Previous to Friday I had only done 65lbs on clean and jerks as it is a pretty new lift for me.  It wasn't pretty and it wasn't fast but I rocked Grace out in 7:01 to help our team win the highest load point......btw we also had some pretty fast girls with some lower weights and we won the point for fastest overall times as well!

As a treat I made cookies!

AMAZING!!!!!  I love my new cookbook.

I also spent another afternoon on the lake!  I so want a paddleboard!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

SUPr weekend!

I love having four days off!

Friday I found my new hobby Stand Up Paddling, now if I can just scrounge up the money for a board!

Canyon Lake, a beautiful 94 degrees on this October day!

A lot has gone on since June.  For now what I will say is that mid July until about beginning of September I fell off my paleo/primal wagon reverted back to my SAD diet and stopped going to crossfit for a good month or so resulting in looking and feeling horrible!

Since September I have been going back to the box at least 2x week trying to make it 3 and have been adding in some running, hiking, and walking.

I have once again cleaned up my diet forgoing grain, legumes, and dairy.  In the past month I have cheated maybe twice and overall feel better.  I am still fighting the sugars (honey, agave in my coffee, condiments, and those pesky hidden ones like in a can of diced tomatoes).  Since I have started really looking at food labels I am shocked to see how many things have added sugar (chicken broth?!).  I am about ready to completely give up on grocery stores and stick with Whole  Paycheck Foods and farmers markets even for my occasional canned goods.  I am currently reading this, this, and I'm anxiously awaiting my copy of this.