Sunday, October 23, 2011

SUPr weekend!

I love having four days off!

Friday I found my new hobby Stand Up Paddling, now if I can just scrounge up the money for a board!

Canyon Lake, a beautiful 94 degrees on this October day!

A lot has gone on since June.  For now what I will say is that mid July until about beginning of September I fell off my paleo/primal wagon reverted back to my SAD diet and stopped going to crossfit for a good month or so resulting in looking and feeling horrible!

Since September I have been going back to the box at least 2x week trying to make it 3 and have been adding in some running, hiking, and walking.

I have once again cleaned up my diet forgoing grain, legumes, and dairy.  In the past month I have cheated maybe twice and overall feel better.  I am still fighting the sugars (honey, agave in my coffee, condiments, and those pesky hidden ones like in a can of diced tomatoes).  Since I have started really looking at food labels I am shocked to see how many things have added sugar (chicken broth?!).  I am about ready to completely give up on grocery stores and stick with Whole  Paycheck Foods and farmers markets even for my occasional canned goods.  I am currently reading this, this, and I'm anxiously awaiting my copy of this.

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  1. I'm LOVING crossfit. I think I might even be a little obsessed. I've gotten one co-worker to my box, & am dragging 2 more this week.

    My diet is as awful as ever :D