Thursday, June 16, 2011

MMMMahi Mahi

A lonely girls dinner and because my other half doesn't like fish I ate mahi mahi; twice this week actually!

This bowl turned out to be very tasty. My paleo version of a mahi mahi taco.

Shredded cabbage with juice from one lime
Mahi Mahi
Mango cranberry salsa that I picked up from Whole Foods

Simple, light, and easy to put together! I forget how filling fish is. I thought I would need a fruit or something after this dish but I didn't! Two nights of fish though have me craving some red meat today.

I have to confess, I slept in today (til 7am) either way I made a conscious decision when my alarm went off  not to go to crossfit today. I'll find something fun to do to get my workout on and loosen up, my abs are killing me.

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