Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Whey...t, I'm so confused.

In my effort to try new things paleo/primal I went shopping. Then I came home and read an article on why whey protein is not really paleo, hmmmph. Oh well, again I am not a purist and truly I imagine this bag will last me a while since I only occasionally make post workout shakes.

Also while at Whole Foods I got a cup of this kale salad to try. Pretty good! Kale, tomato, sea salt, pepper, olive oil, dried cranberries, pine nuts....
May have to try a similar salad at home maybe with some walnuts in place of the pine nuts or almonds. Surprisingly, I liked the tomato, dried cranberry combo!

Todays crossfit revelation, "you mean you want me to turn my hips out and not point my toes directly forward while I squat???" = hello hamstrings! I am a newbie at crossfit and therefore I am not allowed to squat without a box which is good since I am relearning how to squat and it burns! Tip of the day to remember: Curl your toes up as you squat down that way you put the weight into your heels and can't lean the upper body forward. Positive for the day: I held my plank for the full 3 minutes without dropping once = laughing now off limits for the next few days due to how sore my abs are going to be.

Finally a TTC side note: I went to the doctor today for a plan update come next cycle and to get some lab results. I am happy and yet frustrated by my results. I got "excellent" and "above average" on my ovarian assessment report. So my 35 years of waiting are proving not to be the issue.....which makes me scream "Why is it so freaking hard then?"


  1. I'm trying to get the motivation to make a spinach smoothie for breakfast - that's the extent of my healthy eating.

    Yeay excellent ovaries! As for TTC - my gf was trying unsuccessfully for a while, so she decided to give it a break & sign up for a bunch of races later in the year as well as some trips around the country. Sure enough, once the trips were paid for & she was a couple of weeks into her training plan, she conceived.

    Good luck.

  2. Spinach smoothies not bad, I may actually have to make one for breakfast today now that you mentioned it. Although my dog chewed up the lid to my new blender so I'm not sure how well this will go. I may end up with green slime all over the ceiling.