Tuesday, February 3, 2009


I must comment on my 3 mile radius.

If you know me then you may have heard me or one of my friends mention the infamous 3 mile radius. Simply it is what it is.....a 3mile radius around my house that I prefer to spend my days in. Within this 3 mile radius is
  1. work
  2. favorite book store
  3. great bar and grill
  4. my torture guru aka trainer
  5. lap pool for swimming
  6. canal access
  7. gas station
  8. massage therapy
  9. yummy lettuce wraps
  10. sunflower market (this may actually be 4 miles, but so worth the extra mile)

I am in no way a hobbit. I just prefer not to spend 1/3 of my life commuting and driving aimlessly around town. Don't get me wrong......I will leave my 3 mile radius and often do. Pilates, brewery, hiking, day trips (including to the -copa to visit my favorite niece and nephew), and airport all entice me enough to meander beyond the invisible line. So what can only make my 3 mile radius better? For me to utilize my two wheels more often to navigate within my 3 miles. I am trying......a few times I have rode to my workouts and tonight rode to dinner at the grill and to browse the bookstore!

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