Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Tombstones and Poems

Wild, Wild, West? oh yes!
Today we decided to get away from the circus in my back yard and head south to the wild, wild west. One thing I love is anything having to do with the wild west, wagon trains, frontier settlers, bad ass outlaws, roughneck ranchers........ahhh I truly was born in the wrong century! Anyways, back to today.
Destination: Tombstone, AZ
Review: Cheesy tourist trap as I thought it would be
Disappointment of the day: making our way over to Kartchner Caverns only to be told it was already sold out for the day (who knew you had to make reservations on a weekday???, damn snowbirds!) which also took us back a different way therefore I missed stopping at the pecan grove farmer's market stand on the road we took there : (
Lesson of the day: ugh, this one I am still not happy I ate a nice bowl of oatmeal for breakfast (6am, remember I woke up at 3), a power bar at about 11 on the way, and then the tourist trap sucked me in.......while I feel good about avoiding the 10 fudge shops and salt water taffy in the 2 block downtown area
(side note why do all tourist traps have homemade fudge shops and salt water taffy?
the fudge shops ok, but salt water taffy? it's the desert!!!!! no ocean! no saltwater!)
.....we ate lunch at a small cafe which had the look of a promising home cooked meal in a small town......the menu was a pitfall for bad eating!......and I saw the salad that came out to the table next to me (yellow iceberg) but wait what is this I see a homemade garden burger.......ok that may be ok, then set in my being tired and traveling and I ordered the fries with it. The garden burger tasted like some shredded carrots and zucchini mixed up and fried together (a little sweet and without a base, ugh). I only ate half my fries which at the time tasted pretty good, but immediately I knew it was not making me feel good! To get you caught up....January 1st I started trying to eat healthy, real food. Minus a small box of chocolates and french toast on Valentine's Day and half of a chicken fried steak, cinnamon roll, and slice of carrot cake on my Birthday last month which btw I also ran a 1/2 marathon the same day I have pretty much stuck to my guns as far as eating no junk food, no fried food, nothing but lean protein, vegetables, nuts, fruit, and whole grains! The whole way home I felt that taste of grease in my mouth and felt blah......I was craving fresh, fresh, fresh. By the time I got home I fixed up a smorgasbord of salad, fixins, leftover smoked chicken, hummus, and fresh peppers! They say that once you do something for 30 days it starts to become a habit or way of life. I am happy to say that despite my poor choice today it has taught me that french fries don't really agree with me anymore!

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