Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Picacho Peak - 2.1 miles to the peak

This is probably one of my favorite day hikes (from Phx area)! Today we got up early and headed out to this once site of a Civil War Battle.....what's that you say? Yes, an actual Civil War Battle was fought right here in the wild, wild west! Besides that this is also one of the best places to view wildflowers in AZ (it was pretty green today so check back next month and it should be covered)! hmmm, also of note there is an ostrich farm just down the rode which I decided that despite the fact I eat eggs the thought of ostrich or for that matter dinosaur eggs being cracked over a skillet would just be disgusting. Just prior to entering the park is the AZ Nut House (no they actually sell nuts and dried fruit and stuff).........Ok, now for the hike! This hike involves a few "technical climbs" towards the top. The hardest part of the climb is trusting the "cables and guardrails" set in place to guide you up.

Today was really clear so the 360 view from the top was great and you could even see some snow covered mountain tops off in the distance (to the east). Also of note as we were leaving the valley today the Superstitions were dusted with snow which makes the already mysterious face of the Superstitions that much AWESOMER!


  1. Gorgeous pics. And I love that quote: "In my head I'm creative, sometimes that translates....sometimes it doesn't."

    In my case, it usually doesn't ;)

  2. Thanks, it really is a fun hike! As for the quote it rarely translates in my case, but occasionally I try.