Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Idle I have been, atleast with this blog. I need to find a focus to my blogging endeavors and then I may have a future at blogging. Things that interest me or are a part of my life.......

Healthy eating - I am currently obsessed with real food blogs my favorite being www.katheats.com

Having a love/hate relationship with running - I have somehow convinced 11 other people I know to endure a 201 mile race called the Ragnar Relay which is coming up very soon just at the end of this month....... I'm a little, ok actually more than a little scared!

Hiking - I am trying to get at least 1 hike in per week until after Ragnar then hope to increase my hiking outings since wildflower season is merely weeks away.

Pilates - I will be starting a instructor training program at the end of April, I am so excited about this!

Gnomes - odd fascination, not sure why!

and soon to be Gardening - I am working on getting my plot started although the rain put me back a few days.

Nursing (a necessary part of my life to pay bills) - I am a Registered Nurse and I work in the emergency department. I was working on finishing up my Bachelor's in Nursing, however am currently on hiatus due to my company rewriting their tuition reimbursement policy and my unwillingness to pay for this endeavor out of my own pocket.

Pull-ups (this is a hate/hate relationship) - I workout with my trainer 2x per week and although I have my own NASM certification in personal training I prefer to have Jake (trainer) torture me and push me further than I would push myself when it comes to the gym.

hmmmm, I know there is more but this will be a good compass for my blogging tales.

So I think that it will be hodgepodge of the above with a little of whatever else.

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