Monday, February 16, 2009

The Circus is Coming!

First let me preface by saying that I am running on very little sleep as I worked the past two nights as I always do on Sat/Sun. Saturday ended up being a 24 hour no sleeper as sometimes happens on your first nightshift back. This morning after work I came and ended up having to take my dog to the vet this morning to have a mole turned cyst like thing removed. Barnacle Bo is 77 yrs old and I swear has all the traits of old man.....snores, farts a lot!, weird moley skin things always popping up..........

On to the Circus.....yes the circus is coming to my own backyard! This morning my quiet little street was alined with cars and people buzzing around, what's this I say, a kick ass garage sale on President's Day????, it is the President himself causing this little hoopla in my hood. Free tickets this morning being handed out to the first 300-400 people in line for the chance to hear how the stimulus will prevent me from losing another neighbor.

overnight camping fee front yard only- $100/night
day camping fee - $50/day (no open fires or glass bottles allowed in the yard)
parking an additional $100 for driveway, for $500 I will valet your car and park it in my garage!

Now, there is stimulus for me! Anyways, I have an interview later today for a second job. Not sure what the job is, will let you know how it goes though. Unfortunately, I have no kids.....I did not lose my house to foreclosure nor am I at risk for that, I did not lose my job, I did not lose my health care coverage, I was not a first time home buyer in the past year, I am not some irresponsible large corporation with trips to vegas, big private jets, blinged out suv's, or remodeled offices......and I only got $13 from the last stimulus bill because of my annual income......I will not be getting any of the trillion dollar economic fact if you remember my recent taxxacre I will only be contributing to those listed above (if I get that second job, lol).

Time for some zzzz's before my interview!

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