Friday, February 13, 2009


Never have I planned something, gotten to the day realized it was Friday the 13th and wish I had done it on another day.........until today

then again it wouldn't matter what day I did my taxes on this year the outcome would inevitably result in me vomiting a little in my mouth while holding back the tears so as not to have the tax lady calling the mental health crisis line for me!!!! All I can say is wow, I got f%#*!@ the day before Valentine's only this was not a CHEAP DATE.......can you say extension, payment plan, anything.....

It all comes down to this.....somehow (and one can only begin to wonder how) my withholding got changed to 3 vs 0 so for half the year my company was only holding out nearly nothing! Because I work different number of hours each pay period (picking up extra shifts and whatnot) I didn't realize that my check was that different. And I am taking responsibility for my part of not checking my paystub diligently (I already have to make sure they get the number of hours correct and pay out overtime correctly, both of which I have had issues with also this year). Ugghhhh.......ok so that would be the stressed part which brought me to my pity party which led me to my feeling blessed.

1. I am healthy
2. My family and loved ones are healthy
3. I have a job
4. I have a home

Ok so on to the rest of my day (although, I will say that the taxxacre happened at lunch and I was in shock on the couch for a good few hours after that).

I cancelled my gym membership......????? What's that you say, let's not get drastic! It's ok, it was my gym that I never go to (not that I don't go to the gym). My trainer works at a small gym and since I get training sessions there I work out there and they don't have a monthly fee, but for some reason I have still been paying my old gym monthly. I've been avoiding cancelling it because you either have to go in and sign a form (while getting a sales pitchy lecture "Baby come back" mop song from some cocky gym managerial type) or send a registered letter (which involves going to post office and then standing in said post office line). I finally opted to suck it up and go with the mop song. I think the guy actually got mad when he asked why I was leaving and I said because I followed my trainer (who use to work there) to smaller gym. Think of all the money I will be saving......and then sending to UNCLE SAM!

I avoided feeding my stress with all the stuff I wanted (chocolate, pizza, cinnamon rolls, m/m's)and went for a run this afternoon. I got a good 4 miles in (37 minutes) with not too much nagging from my IT band. I forgot how much a good run can clear your mind and relieve stress. Because I am usually living the i.dle/ life I rarely feel this stressed or shocked about anything.

Oh, one last thing......I am putting together a playlist for my upcoming Ragnar race and would like some input.

What is your favorite song to workout/run to??????


  1. Aw, sorry about the taxes. That really sucks. But good for you for heading out for a run rather than eating junk.

  2. I really was craving some pizza or chocolate or some gooey baked good! But I was able to talk myself down during the run and I did so well that I was able to avoid this 3 chocolate cakes, giant box of sugar cookies (with pretty pink sprinkles on them), chocolate reeses hearts, pizza, and greasy chinese food this weekend at work! Last night I also tried red pepper hummus on my salad instead of salad dressing and it was the BEST!!!!! BTW, you didn't answer my question which is what is your favorite song to workout to/run to......I need some ideas as I am trying to make an ultimate playlist for my upcoming 24 hour relay!