Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I can not get this song out of my head!

Yesterday I did my first practice teaching sessions (3 different girls from work came for their first pilates workout with me!). I think I did ok. I did some more observation hours this morning watching the other instructors. I am planning on featuring some different mat pilates exercises on here. I have just been overwhelmed with trying to get into the routine of doing all the hours at the studio on top of everything else. Last night I spent good amount of time weeding and working the soil in my garden. I skipped my run last night, this morning, and on the treadmill at the gym today : < My run will still be waiting for me when I get to it, so I am not too worried.

It is officially summer (100+degrees) here in AZ with a foreseeable future of much the same! Almost pool season which made me think about this ad that I believe came out last year. I myself thought it was funny and taped it up to one of the guys lockers at work because he was saying how he needed to get into shape for swimsuit season. When I looked for it today on the Internet I found quite a few "I hate Special K" rants because of this ad. While I don't condone the challenge of switching two meals/day to cereal in order to fit into a bikini; I still find this ad funny in a "hey get off your ass type of way!" (a real challenge would be to take my cereal away from me of course that cereal would not be special K because that is boring cereal!) What do you think about the ad?

Finally, here it is today's TSOTD
warm up:

overhead medicine ball sit-ups - 15

flutter kicks - too long? any flutter kicks are too long if you are not in a swimming pool!

squat to high throw w/ medicine ball against wall - 15

3 rounds

hang clean to squat to overhead press - 45#bar/10 reps

burpee to jump-up pull up - 10 reps (kids don't try these at home, they will suck the life out of you)

push-up to row/row with the 20# dumbbells - 5 push-ups/5 rows right arm/5 rows left arm

assisted dips (pin at 5) - 10

3 rounds

single leg roman dead lift (rdl's) - 20# dumbbells/10 reps per leg

stability ball alternating butterfly - 20#dumbbells/10 reps per arm

bench jumps - 10

squat side steps w/ green and blue band around ankles - 15 steps each way

core round

medicine ball overhead sit up throw to partner - 15

partner russian twist (feet off ground) w/ medicine ball - 15/side

squat to throw w/ partner using medicine ball - 10

side throws w/ partner using medicine ball - 10/side

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