Monday, May 4, 2009


TSOTD (after my 12 hr shift last night)


15 ball crunch w/ twist

15 stability ball on forearms roll forward and back

20 lunges avalanche medicine ball style (if you ever need to dig your way out of an avalanche with basketball this is the exercise for you!) - functional fitness is important

4 rounds

95# deadlift - 8 reps

30# alternating dumbbell press - 8 reps/arm

25# dumbbell swings to full extension? - 8 reps

30# dumbbell row (on bench) - 8 reps/arm

3 rounds

medicine ball opposite arm/opposite leg crunch up - 10 reps/side

12# dumbbells on bosu ball squat/curl/press - 10 reps

assisted dips (pin at 6) - 10 reps

25# dumbbell pull over to skull crusher - 15 reps

wall sit 1-2 minutes


This evening I went to the studio. I got one hour in of observation and then did my self practice in the reformer class that was going on. We also worked some on the wunda chair. Tomorrow I am teaching my first "students", kinda nervous!

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  1. I can't believe you do all that after a 12 hour shift - very impressive!