Thursday, May 14, 2009


Wow, I have been busy this week and I am on another 4 day stretch of 12's at work. My garden is taking a turn for the worse I think. This past week's 100+ degree temps have not been kind to it. This is my first year with a garden in the desert so I am still learning how plants respond and how to water/feed them. I lost one zuchini plant and think my other one is dying also. I do not think the zuchine are dying from the heat, I think they have disease. Anyways, not to worry the pumpkin plants are still growing like crazy so if nothing else I will have some of the best jack-o-laterns come October (August at this rate, lol). We are about midway through my level one pilates class. I have to take my level one test by May 28th which I don't know how I will be ready for that at all! This upcoming week I am just as busy as this past week, in fact my schedule does not let up until the first week in July when we are going to Washington! Road trip! Cool weather! No work!

TSOTD (this was on Thursday) not my best workout I had no energy... not sure if it was a touch of dehydration (I definitely have not been drinking enough water with the increased heat) or if it was not having the right fuel earlier that day.

alternating single arm lat pull down 25 - 15/side
single leg/leg press - 90lbs? 15/side
push-up to burpee w/ 15lb dumbbells press at end - 15

round 2 same except
lat pull down 35 lb/arm - 12

round 3 same except
single arm lat pull down 35lbs/8 per arm then switch
full burpee

30lb dumbbell alt arm incline chest press - 15/arm
ball leg curls single leg - 15/side

round 2 same except
35lb dumbbells inc chest press - 15

round 3 same except
35lb sing arm inc chest press 8 per side

3 rounds
lateral arm raises/ forward arm raises/ bent over dumbbell flys 12/8 lbs - 20
dips on bench - 20
bosu squats w/ 25 lb plate - 20

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