Tuesday, May 12, 2009


First, let me just say that Sunday night at work sucked! I have not had a shift like that in a while. It wasn't one of those I had back to back codes or STEMI shifts either. It was one of those I had at least 12 admit shifts, nothing was simple, every time you turned around to do something equipment not there, "I need more pain meds", and every time you walked into a room to do nursing stuff the admit Dr. called to have you take telephone orders! I swear I should get half of his paycheck from the other night just for writing down all his damn admit orders!! I was not a happy ER nurse Sunday night. The techs were a little scared of me and about 04:30 am when I still had not peed or eaten (since before 7:30pm) I was not being a nice person.

So, after my shift I went to the gym and ran on the treadmill. Nothing like a few treadmill sprints to shake off a bad night.

1 mile - speed at 6.5 w/ incline 1 (incline stayed same throughout workout)

Sprints -
15 sprints

30 sec on/30 sec rest - starting speed 8.5 increasing over the course of the 15 sprints until the final 2 sprints speed was set at 11.


.5 mile - speed at 6

Last night I got 1 hour instruction in at the pilates studio. After that the next class was empty so the instructor did a 1:1 class with me and kicked my butt! actually it was my abs that were crying.....but ended with some great IT stretches on the Cadillac (I need one of these things in my house!).

New thoughts on my cardio training for the summer.......

Anyone out there do cross-fit? A lot of my TSOTD are cross-fit hybrids that my trainer does with me. I am thinking of following the crossfit main wod 2-3x/week in addition to the 1-2 TSOTD that I do with my trainer and also following the crossfit endurance wod 2-3x/week. I've been reading a lot about it and it sounds interesting. With the heat and having to do more workouts on the treadmill over the summer and not really having any races planned for the next few months I thought it would be a good time to give it a shot and see if it increases my endurance. It is quite a change from the long, slow distance (LSD) training concept that most runners know and have a love/hate relationship with. Although I have read quite a few accounts where people have done nothing but crossfit and crossfit endurance workouts to train for a full ironman and not only finished but pr'd.

Any thoughts? experience?

Today is one of my "days off", but with the instructor training program I am doing I really don't have any days off anymore. Although spending time at the pilates studio is peaceful compared to my shifts at the hospital.


  1. Crossfit or any other crosstraining activity is go for supplimenting your fitness or strengthening weak areas, but the best way to improve your running is to run. If running races is your goal and you have a choice between going out for a run or doing crosstraining, do the run. If you have time to do crosstraining in addition to the running mileage you need to do, then go ahead. But don't use crosstraining as a replacement to a run.

  2. I understand what you are saying. I have trained for a few 1/2 marathons and a full marathon putting in my long, slow runs. My question though, is looking at the research of crossfit and crossfit endurance could this be a better and more efficient way to train. I am not an elite athlete (nor will I be); however an overall general fitness with the ability to do races when I want is ultimately my goal. Also check out this site http://100milemovie.com/

  3. Hats off to ER nurses. You never know what the hell is about to walk through that dayum door!

    And I STILL think you're nuts for running after that ;)