Friday, May 1, 2009


Last night at work a local news station decided to fuel the fire and do live remote from outside the er. Some local schools got shut down and at 5:00pm sharp they started rolling in with their fevers, cough, aches, and runny noses! And for their overwhelming devotion to their health (ha!) they got two qtips up the nose and one to the back of the throat, dose of tylenol, one week off of work or school, and a pat on the back! Don't worry if this sounds like fun to you, you haven't missed out! Luckily for you EMERGENCY DEPARTMENTS are open 24/7!!!!!!

****the part about the week off of work sounded appealing at first, but then I remembered you don't get a week off of your bills****

TSOTD - WAKING UP! Still working on that one. Today is a rest day for me and my body soooo needs it. After that TSOTD yesterday I was getting so stiff the last 4 hours of my shift yesterday!


-I made turkey lettuce wraps for lunch/dinner (I always just take my leftovers for a second meal at work later). Ingredients included ground turkey, crushed garlic, shredded carrots, chopped red/yellow bell peppers, soy sauce, hoison sauce, chili paste, and the most green onions from my garden!

I am not riding my bike to work tonight because I did not get the bike corral key from security yet : < I will work on that tonight while I am there!

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