Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Black-eyed Tigers

2 hours pilates


warm - up
crunches on physio ball holding 15lb dumbbell at forehead - 15
side iso's with feet up on bosu -25/side
single leg squat touchdown up to balance and overhead press w/ 15lb dumbbell - 10/side

2rounds (rest 2 minutes between rounds/no rest between different exercises)
alternate arm dumbbell press on physio ball - 25lb dumbbells - 15/arm
push-ups 15
lunges w/ squat bar - 15/leg
box jumps - 15

2 rounds
alternate arm rows - 20lb dumbbells - 15/arm
cable lat pull down one knee on airex pad pin at 30 - 15
single leg ball leg curls - 15/leg
side to side quick jumps - 15

2 rounds
shoulder combo - 8lb dumbbells (raise arms front to sides down up to sides back to front and down = 1 rep) - 10
cats curls - 12lb dumbbells - 8 each direction then 8 hammers
cable tricep extension pin at 15? 10 palms down/10 palms up
hanging knee raises - 15
dips on bench - 15

2 hours pilates lab

Onto the better part of my week now. I actually had a great, "felt good to be a nurse" night at work last night. Today after my pilates lab I hung out by the pool and started reading my Runners World that came in the mail. I downloaded the new Black Eyed Peas album which has me super pumped to go run to tomorrow. Finally, I just got back from seeing THE HANGOVER. This movie is not for the faint of heart or easily offended crowd, however if you want to laugh your ass off until your face hurts I highly recommend this movie!!!!! oh and you enjoy some sophomoric humor which I do as long as it's good and not trying to hard.

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