Thursday, June 25, 2009

It's the final countdown!


plank - opposite arm/opposite leg up hold - 30 secs/then switch
side ups - 30/side
v-ups - 10
single leg squat hold on flat side of bosu - 30 secs/leg

4 sets

incline press - 10 reps/35lb dumbbells
push-ups (feet on step bench/hands balanced on physio ball) - 10 reps
single leg leg press - 10 reps/leg 4x45lb plates on
jump ups to big tire - 10 reps
hanging knee raises - 15 reps

3 sets

squat to cable row - 10 reps/pin at 25's
assisted pull-ups - 10 reps/pin at 5
rdl's - 10 reps/25lb dumbbells
burpees - 10 reps

1 set

bicep cable curls - 10 reps/pin at 15's
medicine ball overhead raise with single leg raise and opposite leg few inches off ground - 10 reps/leg

Up again at 4am so I also got a bike ride in at 5am.

The countdown now begins. Day 1 of 4 today, may they go fast. We are doing vacay road trip style with lots of camping. We will be doing car camping since we are taking the Barnacle Bo and Squidney along. I am thinking that I may have to get this

We have tried multiple air mattresses and I swear I always wake up with half the air out of it. So I am thinking a thermarest is the way to go and this is suppose to be the deluxe car camping crem'de'la'crem of them. A bit pricey but all the reviews are very positive. If I do get one then I will definitely provide you with a review of it. Who else likes to go camping?

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