Friday, June 5, 2009



Plank w/ 25lb plate on for 1 min
Pull over situps w/ 25lb plate - 15 reps
Flutter kicks holding 25lb plate up – 30 sec
Side iso top leg into chest – 30 sec?/side

3 rounds
Single arm chest press 25# dumbbell other hand on hip incline bench – 10 reps/arm
Push-ups on physio ball – 10
Single leg leg press 135lbs?? – 10 /leg
Jump up to tire - 10 quick

3 rounds
Single leg Single arm Dumbell Row w/ 25# dumbbell – 10/arm
Assisted Pull-ups – 10
Side Lunges holding 15lb dumbbells – 10/leg
Ball leg curl – 10 w/ resistance

2 rounds
Bicep curls w/ 20lbs on short curlbar – 10
Tricep skull crushers w/ 15 lb dumbbells – 10
Rear flys w/ 8lb dumbbells – 10

I am off to work next 3, yuk! Really sucks because their is an actual cooldown in the desert this weekend so I would rather be hiking, running, working in the yard (weird I know), riding my bike, oh and would also rather go see THE HANGOVER that comes out tonight because it looks hilarious! Too bad I am not that 23 year old SD rancher who just picked up $232.1 million dollars in the powerball! I still have my fingers crossed though that I will win the HGTV Green Home! I could handle a move to Florida next to the ocean! As of June 29 I will officially be on vacation for 12 days, if I make it til then! Hope you all have a fun weekend, do something fun and exciting for those of us who have to work!

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