Friday, June 12, 2009

Today's workout brought to us by the number 8!

Dear 1st client of the day,
Please do not go get my trainer coffee after your session and before mine. It is just not nice!


TSOTD - with a triple shot of espresso (FRIDAY)

small phsysio ball passes arms to legs - 15
alternate arm/alternate leg crunch with opposite leg 2-3 inches of ground holding onto the 15Lb medicine ball - 10/side
single leg squat to balance with 15lb dumbbell - 10/leg

3 rounds
45 degree incline bench press - 8 reps (1st round 30lb dumbbells, 2nd round 35's, 3rd round 40's)
seated leg press - 8 reps (315lbs)

3 rounds
RDL's - 8 reps (30lb dumbbells)
assisted pull-ups - 8 reps (pin at 5, 2nd rd 4, 3rd round back to 5 as arms went into muscle failure!)

3 rounds
squat to overhead press - 8 reps (30lb medicine ball)
one hand on medicine ball push-ups - 8 reps/arm
falling hamstring curls - 8 reps

2 rounds
cable tricep extension - 8 reps (pin at 15's)
hanging knee raises - 8 reps

Finished off with 30 minutes of arc trainer

Now it is off to work 1st of 3, blah! Next 2 weeks, lots of work.....then vacay!

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  1. Hope work gave you some more "good to be a nurse" moments!