Thursday, April 30, 2009



warm-up - medicine ball wall throws (overhead/15 reps, chest/15 reps, facing forward side throws/15 reps each side); squats w/ bar only (45#)/10 reps

1st set - 3 rounds

5 squats - round 1 (65#), rounds 2&3 (95#)

5 lateral raises - 12 lb dumbbells

2nd set - 7....yes 7 rounds!

8 deadlifts - (65#)

50 m sprint

8 assisted pull-ups alternating wide grip and neutral grip (pin at 6 for rounds 1&2, at 5 for rounds 3,4,5, &6, then assisted bar chin-ups for round 7)

Rest 45 secs between rounds. I'm not going to lie my arms were in failure for my round 7 chin-ups and they were pretty pathetic to say the least!

3rd set - 2 rounds

15 cable lat pull downs (I actually have no clue what my weight was on this because I was gone at this point.......maybe 25? 35? for each cable)

8 cat's curls - 10lb dumbbells (8 internal rotation curls, 8 external rotation curls, 8 hammer curls = 1 cat's curl)


Tomorrow marks the beginning of May (already! May never came this fast when I was in school)! Also, it marks the beginning of The Simple Life Challenge

Here is how I am suppose to track my points:

Tracking your points:

•1 point for riding your bike, carpooling, taking the public trans, running, or walking to work or to the market or some place you would normally drive too.
•1 point for every meal you prepare at home(not snacks just meals).
•1 point for doing something frugal! This is where you can get really creative!

Eating out is not too big of a deal for me. The creative frugal thing is something I am going to have to think about. As for the green commuting......I need to get a key from security at my one job to lock my bike up in the bike cage (otherwise that will be short-lived); my other job I work 3p-3a and it is a little farther away (the buses don't run out there at that time of night and safety is more of a concern at 3am then being green is so I don't plan on biking there); I will try to ride my bike to my TSOTD's in May.

In doing this challenge it made me think about some things yesterday as I was reading a few magazines. Is having a magazine subscription "non-green"; what if I donate my used magazines to the hospital, and then they get recycled after that? Is reading a news publication or magazine online actually "greener" despite the plastic and other products used to make my computer and also the electricity it uses up while reading on-line?

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  1. I can't believe it's May already either! Where is this year going??

    Giving up eating out wouldn't be hard for me, either. We only do it once a week as it is and that's just to appease hubs. He loves it.