Thursday, May 28, 2009


I haven't run away, well because that would involve running which I have done none of lately! What have I been doing work, work, catching up on sleep from last week, more work. If you all remember the taxxacre I suffered earlier this year I am currently working my butt of to pay off Uncle Sam sooner rather than later. Also, I had my level one pilates instructor test today. I passed my practical with just a few minor mistakes and haven't got my written test back, but feel very confident in all my answers.

I did have a TSOTD on Monday, but forgot to post it as it was after work and I went straight to bed after getting home.

Working tonight and tomorrow but planning on a TSOTD in between hopefully with a post of the fun and games. This weekend is my level two lecture. For now I will just breathe, having level one under my belt feels much better.

Ending thought: WELCOME FAIR WEATHER RUNNER, glad to hear that my TSOTD inspire you. The one good thing I get from paying my trainer is that I am never bored with my workout and never feel like it is routine.


  1. I really SHOULD work some OT to help with my own personal taxxacre.

    I dunno what I hate worse though - taxes or working :)

  2. yaya, thanks for the shout out! i've been slacking on keeping up on blogs. but yeah, you are seriously inspiring me. a friend of mine and i are thinking of getting a trainer this summer, i think it would really help! until then, i'm writing yours down! much appreciated! you rock.