Thursday, June 18, 2009

The countdown is on!

Hmmm....I am currently MIA. I am out of whack. I am discombobulated. I am lost at sea. I have 8 days, 5 shifts, 1 niece's 1st birthday party, and lots to get down in the mean time before I am on vacation for 11 days and nights!!!!! This past week was a wash for me. I got one workout in and only 1 day in at the pilates studio, ugh! Allergies up, hormones on a roller coaster, sleep in the negative, and immune system down did not equal a good, productive week for me. And I worked 60 hours this week so yeah I am all of the aforementioned. Anyways, here is a run down of my
TSOTD (Thursday).

reverse crunches w/ physio ball between ankles - 15
plank ball rolls - 20
side ups 15/side w/ 20 second hold knee to chest at end
reverse lunge to balance chest pass w/ medicine ball to wall - 15

3 rounds
alternate chest press 25# dumbbells 10/arm
pushups - 15
single leg leg press 4x 45lb plates 10/leg
plie squats 35lb dumbbell - 15
single arm seated cable row - pin at 35 - 10/arm
inverted row - 15
1/4 mile run on treadmill at speed 7.5

2 rounds
high cable seated on physio ball row - 15
ball leg curl w/ resistance - 15
double arm skull crusher w/ 35lb - 15
1/8 mile run on treadmill at speed of 8.0

20 squat to curl to press using 15lb dumbbells

Any thoughts on what to do with buckets of yellow pear tomatos and cherry tomatos.....the birds are even tired of them!


  1. first off hang in there, hopefully the nice vacay will give you some rest! and that workout sounds intense!

    as for the tomatoes, freeze them! i freeze so much of my garden and it is fabulous to have those for red sauces and salsa in the winter time (well not that there is really winter there, but....)

  2. I dunno how other nurses can do other things while in the middle of a stretch. I do two in a row & already end up completely useless for DAYS!