Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Embrace the things you can not change

This is what I have decided to do in regards to my frustrating sleep non schedule. After working 4 nights in a row the past two nights at home I have woke up at 3am. Today I decided I would make use of that time. So I was out the door at 5 am off and running. Good thing to, check this forecast out. Todays high - 108!

Good news - I actually ran today
Bad news - a return of my left hip/left it band/l knee irritation....I blame it on my lack of recent massage and my TSOTD yesterday


w/ physio ball
30 ball rolls
20 overhead passes

w/ medicine ball
15 - push-up (w/ hands balanced on ball) squat and jump w/ ball throw

3 sets (no resting between two exercises)
10 inverted cable rows
10 chest press (30lb dumbbells)

3 sets
10/leg lunges w/ squat bar
10 - single leg ball hamstring curls

3 sets
10/side - hang clean to overhead press (25lb dumbbell)
15 pushups on bosu ball (flat side up)
25 squats (flat sided up, holding 25lb dumbbell)

3 sets
10 - cable tricep pushdowns (pin at 15)
15 - dips on bench
10/leg - split jumps

3 sets
10 - dumbbell flys (10lb dumbbells)
8 - cat's curls (12lb dumbbells)
30 - situps (holding 25lb dumbbell to chest)

My thoughts of the week:

1. HGTV stubbornly is waiting til the last minute to notify me about winning the green home.
2. Being a female is not all it's cracked up to be. I just switched my bcp and my face is not appreciative of it.
3. I also blame the new hormones for my moment of weakness last night when I indulged in a brownie batter blizzard! Tasted good until I looked up the calorie count for one of those suckers (small = 630 calories! ridiculous)
4. I am currently obsessed with the new song by Katy Perry "That's what you get for waking up in Vegas".....mostly because she uses the word glitter in it.
5. For a detailed look into the uprising of cocaine across this country and the people and money behind it check out the following documentaries "Cocaine Cowboys" and "Cocaine Cowboys II" (triage was very slow the other night and you can watch it on netflix if you have an account)
5. What do you buy a girl for her 1st birthday?
6. How can I get Charm City Cakes to design me a cake for (insert event here)?
7. I wonder if the new palm pre from Sprint is worth the $200? probably not a necessity - it could potentially increase my blogging consistency though and you may get a new picture on here more than once a month.
8. If your out of control pumpkin plants and your out of canteloupe plants start to grow together and the flowers get cross pollinated should you call your crop and cantumpkin? or pumpkaloupe?
9. I am deeply disturbed that I wasted an hour of my time on Monday to hear that Jon and Kate are getting divorced. Why do I care? Why do I support tv programming like this? Ahhhhh, I blame Karen! Prior to living with her back in the day I didn't even have cable, then came cable, then on one very sleepy after night shift afternoon I stumbled into the living room sat down and was immediately sucked into Flava Flav and it has been a downhill slide since then into the reality tv abyss!
10. 4 shifts left until vacay!!!!!

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  1. I really need to quit complaining about this heat cuz we ain't got nothing on you!