Friday, April 17, 2009


Running shoes on, check. Watch, check (not like I need to keep some pace or am going to lose track of the hours and hours I am not about to run). MP3 player? Not today, must concentrate (where is that thing anyways? I should cancel Napster. I bite the bullet and get an ipod. Why I don't even know where my mp3 player is). Hydration? This short of an outing will not require such (have I drank any water today?, coffee, better take a few sips of water before I go). Weather? Sunny, warm, no wind. And I was off and running.

Actually I walked for a few minutes to loosen up the legs, get the blood flowing. Stopped at the footbridge over the canal to stretch. Wouldn't you know it, I get a splinter in my hand from the stupid railing while trying to stretch. No worries though MRSA won't take over at least for a day or so. And then I was off and running.

Actually it was more of a jogging, shuffling, pathetic little run but there I went. And then I stopped. Stupid traffic. Stupid street interrupting my long, straight, flat, dirt canal. ***cue Frogger music*** and I'm off again.

4min easy run - 1 min walk x 4

short, simple, the end of my running hiatus!

My left knee was a little irritable, frustrating since I haven't ran in over a month. My left hip popped quite loudly while I was stretching when I got home. It actually felt good, like it relieved some pressure. I need to reschedule with the sports therapist (that went to the wayside along with everything else in my life the past few weeks).

My running plan right now is simply to start low, go slow, and build to a therapeutic level (it's the nursing way in elderly-ville). More specifically my running plan includes:
1. run 3-4 x week
2. cross train on bike or elliptical 1-2x week
3. stretch 5-7x week
4. start logging at least 1 of my runs/week on the treadmill since triple digit weather is nearing upon us and history tells that I usually stop running altogether in the summer due to this
5. try out this running group that one of the volunteers at work has been inviting me to every week during my hiatus

Haven't posted this week because I was waiting to break the hiatus. Also I had to work wed and thur at my new job orienting 11 am -11pm. The worst shift ever. I would rather work 7p-7a any day of the week.

I'm also gearing up for the start of my Pilates instructor program. I am thinking that once it starts I will take one day a week and post about a Pilates subject (exercise, history, philosophy).

I did some work in my garden today. WEEDS! GRASSHOPPERS! I restaked some of my tomato plants. I replanted some watermelon, okra, and cantaloupe. I think the first seeds I put out the ground was not quite warm enough for them to take. I don't think it will matter though because as you can see my pumpkin plants may take over my whole garden soon anyways. Linus would be so happy!

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  1. Your running plan looks good!

    So does your garden :)