Friday, April 24, 2009

Keep on keeping on'

Yesterday I did another easy 2 miles this time at 8am. It's only April and already I hate running at 8am. I don't think it is the heat so much as it is the desert sun beating down on me. I really hate 5 am, but it is going to have to happen. I hate wearing stuff on my head (hats, headphones, sunglasses, bandannas, baskets of fruit, etc) while I run, but I may have to just try a few different running hats that can block some of that desert sun.

Question of the day? Do you run with a hat? Sunglasses? Headphones? If so what kind?

My mom runs with a baseball cap on (of the cotton sort) and I offered to buy her one that wicks the sweat away and stays cooler and she said "No, then I wouldn't form a sweat ring on it. That is how everyone can tell how hard I am working when I am running."

So besides my 2 mile run yesterday I worked at my new job so I guess you could add a 12 hour walk to that training total. I tried to wear a pedometer at work one day to see how far I had walked by the end of my shift. My data was slightly skewed. I think mostly due to the fact that the pedometer I was wearing was from my box of Corn Pops.

This weekend I start my Pilates instructor program which throws my schedule for a curve. Work, workout, treadmill run, lecture.....sleep......lecture, work.

Coming up next week - more running! more pilates! updated garden pics aka killer pumpkin plants from outer space! maybe some local pics from bike ride or hike!

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  1. This weekend sounds like it's going to be crazay. Good luck with that.

    I run with a visor & sunglasses. I need to stop running with the sunglasses though - it's leaving pale goggles around my eyes when I take it off.