Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Had to share that, thought it was pretty funny in all the mass hysteria!

Torture Session Of The Day(TSOTD) -


Lol, seriously though if I was rich these are the things that would be at the top of my list to spend money on:

1. Professional driver - except for the month of May because I am going to try and ride my bike or walk more to places I would normally's the Live Simply Challenge brought to us by N Her Shoes

2. Professional menu planner and grocery shopper

3. Professional ironer - if they are BOARD with just that they can actually do the laundry too!

Ok, on to real stuff! This morning I ran at 5:30am!!!! It was actually quite nice out, I forgot how nice it is to run that early in the morning. I ran with the bf who hasn't ran since the Ragnar Relay back in Feb. We did an easy 1.5 miles since it was his first day back running. I say easy, but I definitely have a faster pace whenever I run with him because he is just naturally (ARMY trained) faster (and taller) than I am.

My quads are pretty tight so after this I am going to revisit yoga for runners and my foam roller. Tonight we bbq'd some teriyaki steak skewers and peppers. Squidney invited some friends to join us, they decided to go for swim.

Hope everyone had a good day and remember WASH YOUR HANDS!


  1. That pic is hilarious!

    And I am SOOO with you on the stuff to spend money on.

  2. Great pic!
    It'd be great if good fresh food would just show up when it's wanted for free... sigh, not yet.

  3. Wait, the news just said swine flu in AZ - we're gonners.

  4. LOL! It is crazy just how far off the deep end people have gone with this swine flu stuff.