Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunday Brunch

Normally, I am asleep at this time because I usually work Saturday nights. So what does a girl do on a Sunday morning off. Go for a run!

I had a nice 2 mile run this morning (I'm still sticking with the 2 miles/run for a few weeks to get my legs back under me). Today I ran 9 minutes/walked 1 min during my run which ended up being just under 20 minutes and I am ok with that because I still have not had any knee or IT band pain while I am running which is WONDERFUL, MAGNIFICENT, AMAZING! I did some stretching and foam rolling when I got home. My hip flexors and low back still get pretty tight and I am starting to get a little sore from my workout yesterday.

Next up, work in the garden!

Here are some updated pics of the pumpkin patch, oops I mean ant hill, oh wait I mean garden!

These are my sunflowers that I just got planted a few days ago and already they are springing up! Sunflowers are my favorite!

Look strawberries! One is already turning red! Although I am not seeing many more blooms on them, any suggestions?

Last week I replanted some okra since only a few seeds took the first time. Much better results now that the ground is warmer!

Corn stalks looking good!

Finally, the problem child. Check out the huge blooms on the pumpkin plants! Also, check out how the pumpkin plants are taking over the carrots and green onions. I know I should cut them back some. Also, I have ants! Specifically all around the back side of the pumpkin plants where I found an ant hill. Any suggestions on how to get rid of them without poisoning my dogs or my garden?

So I am hoping to meet up with a good friend for brunch now that I haven't seen in a while. Then it is back to work tonight. Has anyone seen THE STAND recently? WASH YOUR HANDS AND STAY HOME IF YOU ARE SICK!


  1. Yeay on the pain-free running!

    I'm jealous of your gardening skilz, btw.

  2. Good job with the run. I'm glad to hear that you are not feeling any knee pain. That has to be great!