Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Yesterday evening I went on a nice bike ride along the canals with one of my friends. We rode about 8 miles. At the 4 mile turnaround we caught the back end of a community world gym trail and so we followed it off the path and stopped and did some of the exercises along the way push-ups, balance walk, leg raises, and pull-ups (lol, well the attempts were at least hilarious). Today I spent all morning cleaning and doing laundry which is typical of Tuesdays. This afternoon I met up with my trainer for this. I am going to try and start posting more of my workouts like this mostly as a journal of workouts to do on my own.


total time - 60 minutes (resting 1 minute between rounds)

warm-up - y/t/w; hanging knee raises

Round 1 -

alternate arm chest press on ball - 30# dumbbells/10 reps

burpee jump up to box - 10 reps

single arm squat to clean w/ 20# dumbbell/10 reps each arm

sprint 100m? was outside gym in parking lot area distance not measured

Round 2 -

repeat round 1

backpedal 25m? sprint 50m? backpedal 25m?

Round 3 -

repeat round 1 doing only 8 reps of each exercise; increase dumbbells for chest press to 35#

shuffle right 25m? sprint 50m? shuffle left 25m?

Round 4 -

repeat round 3

ali shuffle 25m? backpedal 25m? sprint 25m? shuffle 25m?

Round 5 -

medicine ball push-up (move ball from r to l in between push-ups)/ 8 reps

side to side jumps on step box (4 tall)/8 reps

hanging knee raises/20 reps

assisted dips (3 or 4 on machine) /15 reps

Round 6-

medicine ball push-ups/8 reps

broad jumps/8 reps

plank on medicine ball with 1 leg in air (30 secs/each leg)

assisted dips/15 reps

Round 7-

clapping push-ups on bench/8 reps

bunny hops over mini hurdles (30-40 jumps)

russian twist w/ medicine ball/20 reps each side

assisted dips/15 reps

This evening I went to an advanced pilates class which we worked mostly on the wunda chair and tower. Tonight I learned that changing an exercise in even the slightest can make all the difference in the world. Normally, I can do a pretty decent teaser or at least I think I can. Tonight we did a teaser with the pull-down bar on the tower under I knees and as you go up into teaser you slide the pull down bar along the back of your calf up to your ankle. For the life of me it was like I couldn't even lift my legs off of the floor with the bar like that. Then we turned around and did teaser with lifting the bar up above our heads and I was back to being able to do a decent teaser (so weird). To most of you that last paragraph probably is jibber jabber so just ignore.


  1. Hi! Thanks for checking out my blog and the very nice comment!! Glad I found you... you sound like you're more masochistic than I am! LOL! Good luck with your TSOTDs!

  2. Sounds like you've been busy!

    You're finally in my reader too - so I'll be back often!!

  3. Thanks for the comments! Please remember though that the most masochistic TSOTD's actually come from my trainer I am just the idiot that pays to do them!