Wednesday, April 22, 2009

One-hundred and TWO degrees

HOT! HOT! HOT! Summer has arrived here in the desert. The temperature peaked yesterday at 102 in the valley of the sun sometime in the mid afternoon. Due to my being unable to find Motivation yesterday morning I ended up running at 6:30 pm. Still daylight and I am sure still well up in the high 90's. I ran an easy 2 miles - yogging 4 minutes and walking 1 minute throughout. My left it band/knee didn't hurt at all! I was a little tight afterwards, stretched, and foam rolled. The legs are feeling pretty good this morning so despite my runs being very slow and short right now I am happy that I am not having any pain and shall continue with my very slow build up of a new and improved base. Today is a cross train day.

While running yesterday and realizing that it is only going to get worse as far as the heat goes I was thinking about how people continue to be runners living in the desert in the summer. Here are some options I came up with. Please feel free to add to this.

A. Become a hamster and join a gym!
B. Become a bat and run at 3 am!
C. Become a camel and continue your normal routine!

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my humble little blog.

    I've done A, B and C. I've found that I can run through the heat, but it really messes up my recovery and I can't run the mileage I need to for marathons and ultras. So the treadmill becomes my friend and I run my long runs on the weekends really, really early.

    It can be done, so stick with it. Glad to hear the IT Band wasn't causing you pain.