Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sunday Brunch

I wish. That is one thing that sucks about working sat/sun nightshift is you don't get to enjoy a good lazy Sunday brunch because it is in the prime of your sleeping hours.

This morning I drove straight from work to the gym to meet up with my trainer. It is sooooo hard to go workout after I get off work in the mornings but during and after it is not so bad and I actually get my workout in. It felt good to be lifting weights again. My last trainer session was almost exactly one month ago (03/20). Maybe the lull in training will jump start my body since it will think I am doing something new again.

Workout - 60 minutes of I can't remember what, lol! My brain shut off about 5 minutes into my workout and then it was just robot zone. It was a good workout, hard but not as bad as I thought my first back would be (ask me again tomorrow when the lactic acid sets in)!

Back to work now - food for thought though.

If you go to a doctor for a physical complaint don't be shocked when the nurse asks you to change into a gown. I mean really is this such a novel concept? Also it is rude to continue to text message while a health care provider is trying to explain something to you and even ruder to continue after they have asked you nicely to put the f$@#*!#g phone down.

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