Friday, March 13, 2009

aNd! and the Beanstalk

Guess what that is????? If you guessed beanstalk you are wrong, but if you dream of jack-o-lanterns and pumpkin porter then you are correct! PUMPKINS!!!! When I went to water my garden today I noticed these two guys emerging from the little mound I planted them in last Friday (only 7 days ago!) I forgot to post pics of my garden newly planted so here is the rundown of what I have planted.

Tomatoes - early bush, yellow, and cherry tomato plants (too late to start from seed)

Peppers - green bell, red, jalapeno plants

Zucchini - plants because they didn't have any seeds and I really wanted zucchini!




Sweet Corn - will need to space these out more after they sprout and get bigger

Green onions


Okra - yummy!

Strawberries - small plants, potted in a strawberry planter I already had (we'll see)!

This morning I had an unusually early appointment for my training torture. 60 minutes that included some medicine ball passes, bench step-ups, pull downs w/ airex pad, cable fly, some jumps or squat things, skull crushers, bicep curls, knee raises, reverse incline sit ups, single leg wall sits, some other stuff I was probably sleeping while doing, and to top it off a "great" core exercise we call up-up-down-down.......start in a plank position on your elbows then for a minute you push up on to your right hand then left then down onto right elbow then left. Switch which arm you lead with at about 30 seconds or alternate the entire time. Either way it sucks, lol! I spent the afternoon visiting my two favorite people under the age of 3! side note for JoyRun....apparently my nephew will only go pee in the toilet if he is running around in his underwear, somehow wearing shorts over the underwear seems to take too much time out of playing when he has to go and therefore he just pees his pants! Anyhow, no cardio or yoga today :( I am planning on getting both done in the morning then back to the grind of my two day work week. Better live it up while it lasts though I am scheduled to start my new part time job soon which will mean consistently working a 3 or 4 day workweek (my bank will surely appreciate this as will Uncle Sam when he gets his payment)!

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  1. From a girl who can't even take her XMas tree down, the gardening sounds/looks lovely from afar :) I'm always jealous of my neighbor's veggie bounty, but fortunately they usually send some our way!

    Yeah - I had to endure a few days of Thing Two running around commando while we were training to pee in the potty. Thank goodness for hardwood floors is all I have to say.