Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Superset circuit.....

pull ups 8 reps

reverse flies with 5lb wts on bosu 15 reps

leg press 8 reps (I am really bad about looking to see how much wt is on machines as my trainer does it)

single leg squat touchdown w/ 10lbs 10 reps/per leg

incline press 8 reps (again see above)

decline push ups (feet on bench) 15 reps

forward fall hamstring curls on airex 8 reps

split (like jumping jack over step) jumps on step (3 levels) 15 reps fast

repeat circuit 4x w/ 2 minute rest in between

abs before and wall sit to end

That was my torture session for today (although it wouldn't have been so bad had my sinuses/allergies not been slowly decaying my after my torture I went shopping and bought a neti pot (finally). I've always just flushed my sinuses with the saline Ocean spray and thought this was the same. And now that I have the neti pot I know that it is not the same. However, I will hold my review on this product after I have tried it a few times as I do not think you are suppose to get immediate relief from one use. (if you are it doesn't work and thats my review)! Finally, these images have somehow found there way to me not once but twice this week and so I will share this link as a WHAT YOUR ONLINE FOOD DIARY SHOULD NOT LOOK LIKE!!!! My gallbladder is contracting just looking at this!

Oh yeah, I went to sports chiropractor today. I only had an initial assessment done where he measured my insteps, had me do some overhead squats, step over a hurdle thing, checked my ankle flexibility, checked my core strength, and pushed on some of my joints and found one spot on my left hip that almost made me jump of the table! (hmmm could this be the root of my it problem?) Overall he said my r hip joint is tight and tilts somewhat causing that leg to be shorter however he was able to push on that joint and my legs evened out ruling out that one leg is shorter than another. He said my strength and flexibility scores were high which was a good sign that with an adjustment after a few sessions with a sports massage therapist (to do some work on that spot on my left hip and some other areas of tightness) I should be good to go! That's good news. I am currently in week 3 of my running hiatus and missing it. I go to the massage therapist on Friday which I am expecting to be somewhat painful!

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