Monday, March 23, 2009

Sign of the times.

So today I went to the first day of my orientation for my part time job at another hospital. I have sat through many of hospital orientations and always before (because the nursing profession had such a shortage) the whole first day you would hear how great it was that you (the nurse) had chose them (the hospital) to work for. Today though it was a different story. All we heard was how lucky we were that they chose us to work there. Don't get me wrong I know I am very lucky to not only have one job (with benefits) but now to have another job for extra hours........On the other hand, I am a job is not going to be profession is still largely populated with nurses of or nearing retiring age even if they do decide to put in a few extra years before the final vacation. Just another sign of the times that I pondered during my 8 hours of boring orientation. Good grief Charlie Brown : <

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  1. I've sat through quite a few orientations too, & nothing EVER changes with policy/procedures/bull.

    Interesting how they chose that approach.