Thursday, March 19, 2009

Someone turn this faucet off otherwise known as my nose!

I am just getting hammered with the allergies and sinus problems this year! I blame my running hiatus as I believe that when I am regularly running I drain all the bad stuff out of my nose during the run. As for the neti pot that everyone has raved and raved about to me.......I have yet to feel it's healing powers and in fact feel worse after using it. I am currently cracked out on sudafed which has successfully dried everything out but my nose.

Tomorrow I am going to the sports massage therapist and the sports chiropractor. Hopefully after my adjustment and some adhesion work I can end this hiatus. Next week will begin week 4 of not running. My plan was not to run for 4 weeks to give my leg time to heal. I may try to do some short 2-3 milers next week as I really miss it. My missing it so much has led me to do hours and hours of research on ultra running. The thought of actually completing a 50-100 mile race (by yourself) is intriguing. But first, building my base back up slowly so I don't continue to have problems with my knees/hips/it bands.


  1. Have fun with the sports massage tomorrow! At least, I hope it's fun & not torture :)

  2. Oh man, I have the same issue...when I run my nose does NOT stop running. It's so gross!