Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Big nutrition, small stools?

Did I mention that my camera battery totally went dead on the first leg of Ragnar, it won't hold a charge at all now so I am going to have to buy a new battery. Anyways, today we headed out to one of the local regional parks for some "mountain" biking. We ended up doing a 10 - 12 mile single track desert trail with some good pulls here and there, but make no mistake I am not cranking up anything so hence the quotations around "mountain". Beautiful views, wish I had my camera.....the wildflowers are just starting to bloom and for the desert it is very green right now. HOWEVER, along with fun wildflowers/warm weather/and green deserts come snakes! So I was the tail end of our 3 person group by a ways because I don't like "flying" on the downs because I know myself and know that me crashing into a cactus would not be good. Luckily, I avoided crashing into any cactus or doing a headie right onto a nice sharp rock but as I was making my way through a narrower part of the trail (a little down/up) I must have come a little to close to a bush that a nice rattlesnake was sleeping under. Right as my right ankle was on the down pedal I heard a distinctive sound just next to it (my heart dropped into my pants although at the time I didn't realize it was my heart) Did the snake strike at me? I am not positive on that, but 1. I am positive that it was a rattlesnake 2. I am positive it was too close for comfort to me as I was to it (you know how when something goes by you so close even though it doesn't actually come in physical contact with your skin you can feel it?) THAT CLOSE!!!!! too bad I didn't have a heart rate monitor on because I think I flipped into SVT, possibly a run of V-TACH. Needless to say I pedaled so fast without looking back (afraid I was going to crash and get swallowed whole by it). As I caught up to the other 2 in my group and told them what happened I got the "uh huh, sure" . Later they said they believed me, but I don't think they really do, lol!

Oh on the way out to the park as I was driving I pulled up behind this truck.....the pic is a little out of focus (from my phone) so I typed out what the truck had wrote on it. I guess it was some type of organic dog food, but the truck was funny!

and speaking of big of my favorite foods ever is cereal. We've all seen the different websites you can make your own protein bars, etc. Here is a giveaway to "make your own cereal"......HOW AWESOME IS THAT!!!!!

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