Thursday, March 26, 2009

Dear Mother Nature,

If I wanted it to be windy all day long I would move back to Kansas!

Ok so did I mention that I am working 60+ hours this week and 60+ hours next week? I have done nothing besides my pilates and some stretching this week, : ( After next week I will be done with this orientation stuff and my part time job will finally be just that PART TIME!!! So I am going to warn my lovely 2 readers now that I will be M.I.A. until at least Tuesday of next week if not longer due to 2 ultras I will be partaking in this weekend. No, not running ultras which actually sounds more appealing than the following:

Fri 0800-1700 orient to new unit......1900-0700 work....... yes that is 20 hours of work in a 24 hour awake period!

Sat 1900-0700 work (what just 12 hours?)

Sun 1900-0700 work..........0800-1700 cultural competency training..........again 20 in 24......I doubt I will be competent in anything at this point!

Good thing I won a gift card to Starbucks this week! oh wait that would entail having time to go to Starbucks (screw it). My circadian rhythm will be begging for mercy when I get done with it! Take that sleep pattern, up yours! If you are reading this, please send dark chocolate espresso beans to me. On the up side, I do work in the er and should I happen to die they have all the appropriate paperwork to fill out!


  1. ugh, orientations are so boring--you just want to get started already!! well snort some of those espresso beans and good luck with your crazy schedule :)

  2. Geez - that schedule really sucks @$$! I don't know how you're going to pull that off - I'd be dead on my feet. The worse would be staying awake for cultural competency after working night shift.

  3. Oh I was mistaken it wasn't cultural day, it was "culture day" aka attempt at brainwashing me day, lol!