Saturday, March 14, 2009

Calling all adventurers, triathletes, and runners!

This was posted at and I received an email about it so I thought I would share it. I don't have that many races scheduled for the year but if I did this would be very cool to look into!

Team Bear Naked is a closely-knit band of adventurers who are astonished by the variety and splendor Mother Nature unfurls. We’re extending an invitation for the world to share in our discoveries… A call to simply live life… to live Bear Naked™. We know that you, your friends, training partners or colleagues may be a perfect fit for Team Bear Naked 2009! Read below for more details and be sure to share the love (forward this email) to anyone else who may be a fit for Team Bear Naked 2009. Bear Naked will sponsor 110 triathletes, runners and cyclists across the U.S. this year. Selected athletes will have at least six races on their 2009 event calendar, a proven passion for their sport, and a love of spreading the word on training tips and brands they believe in. What Bear Naked Wants:
Male and Female triathletes, runners and cyclists with at least six events on their 2009 race schedule
Athletes who value nutrition as an integral part of their training regimen
Brand Ambassadors to help spread the word on how tasty Bear Nakedproducts are
People who Live Bear Naked™ - outgoing individuals who will positively promote Bear Naked products to peers, family and friends

Here is the link for the application!

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