Tuesday, March 3, 2009


So because I am apparently still coming down from my Ragnar High and we all know that is a very dangerous time when one is coming down from a post-race event. For example after my finishing my first marathon I was at such a loss of what to do and felt so strong I joined rollerderby

While this was great fun for a few years, I stopped playing rollerderby before getting any major injuries or going into liver failure from all the whiskey I was drinking to fuel my anger, lol.

So today, in my post event high looking for something fun to do I decided that I would try and recruit my family to do a RAGNAR RELAY. I have lots of aunts, uncles, and cousins and it would be fun kinda like an adventure family reunion....so I send out this email to a bulk of my cousins and aunt/uncles.

"Ok so this past weekend my mom came down to AZ and ran a relay race with me.....we had soooo much fun. They are doing one in Texas in October it runs from San Antonio to Austin. Here is the website


then choose Texas to read more about it! Anyways, I know it sounds crazy, but even if you are not a runner they have a training plan to train for it which actually starts in June, but with some prep work starting now would really be doable by October. I told my mom that it would be fun if we could get 12 family members to do it together! Just throwing it out there, basically it could be some quality family time (2 days running, sweating, and laughing in a van).

I promise you and anyone else in our family who wants to do it can do it, I will send you weekly training plans....I trained my mom to do a 1/2 marathon and the ragnar relay in AZ which is longer than the one in Texas!"

Here is the first response I got back.....from one of my male cousins (year older than me, straight-laced family man type)

"Are you sure you have the right email address, I was thinking more along the lines of renting a van, buying a keg, and driving across Texas sounded like fun. We could drive slow and laugh at everyone baking in the sun while we turned the AC up. Either that or we could rent a 4 door, convertible white Cadillac, era 1970’s, buy a case of Jack, a bag o pot and just see what the hell happens, its just a thought and I’m just throwing it out there. Anyway, its good to hear that you both survived the race, mostly (my mom), I’m impressed with that one. Let me know if you come up with any family events that don’t involve sadomasochism."

Getting this team together may be harder than any derby hit I took! Better break out the Jack, lol (not really)

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