Sunday, March 22, 2009

I give myself a D-

Man I get a D- for blogging the past few days! Fast Recap:

Workouts - Friday 1 hour torture w/ the trainer.......I would post the workout but I was so foggy headed from my allergies that I didn't even remember all it entailed by the time I got home.
Sat - I attempted to go to my Pilates class, but got stuck in road construction ended up way late and missed it then I went home and got lazy and slept before I had to work sat night : (
Sun - woke up this afternoon did 60 min P90 stretch (trying to work in more pilates and stretching) then went and biked around Tempe Town Lake with my friend. Man was it windy!!!! Quite unusual for the Valley of the Sun so it turned out to be a bit of a resistance workout mixed in with some small hills and then some flat straights with the wind at our back - weeee...........

(insert pics of Tempe Town Lake which I failed to take!)

After we went and ate at local bar/grill and sat on patio. I had a larger cobb salad with Gorgonzola cheese on it! My friend had a chicken pecan salad that came with this mango dressing? tasted almost like a foofoo alcoholic drink. It was weird but in a good, intriguing way!

(insert pic of sweet old jeep commander that I saw in the parking lot! again that I failed to take).

Running hiatus update - I met with the sports chiropractor and massage therapist on Friday; apparently the root of my problems is my right S/I joint (causing my it irritation on the left). My ass is so sore from the massage therapist!!!! but even after 60 min I was still too tight for the chiropractor to adjust me! I have to go back on Tuesday again. On a plus note my health insurance is totally covering both with only a small copay! The doc said to lay off running one more week since we are incorporating new therapy, but thinks he can get me going again here shortly : ) I am thinking maybe a short run end of this week as a trial depending on how Tuesday goes! I have been plotting and planning how to build my base again SLLOOWLYYY! so I don't run into more problems.

Garden update - pumpkin and corn growing like crazy! tomato, pepper, and strawberry plants have pretty flowery blooms on them! carrots and green onions making some headway! lettuce accounted for. watermelon, cantaloupe, and okra seeds not sprouting : < ?

(insert updated garden pics here, actually I was planning on doing these later this week)

Finally, so much for my 2 day workweek (boo me, yeah checkbook!) Starting tomorrow I have some busy weeks ahead. I have hospital orientation for my new part time job (m-f 8-5) this week. What brain cells the pollen didn't kill last week will be numbed into a coma during this. Do you know how painful this is for me? A. I work nights so 8-5 ouch! B. I am a nurse in an er, sitting in a chair for 8 hours ouch! Anyways, then because that is my second job I have still have to put in my night shifts next weekend........and then I am back to a cultural competency day and computer training day the next week (for both jobs). I will be glad when I go back to just having to do my shifts!!!!! Because of the working day things I am going to miss going to my trainer this week (boo!); so I will see what other stuff I can get in for training during the week.

Coming soon.........

I am starting my Pilate's instructor training program at the end of April so I will be posting more about Pilate's and the teachings of Joseph Pilate as well as my progress in this endeavor. I know the yoga classes are very popular out there in blog land, but do any of you take or have tried pilates? What are your thoughts on it?

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