Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Help I am being attacked!

The citrus blooms are eating away at my brain!

*****I would insert a picture here of the citrus tree in my neighbor's yard that is one of the culprits eating away at my brain, but that would require that I go back out into that sweet fog that clouded my head earlier today and is responsible for the 2 hour nap/allergy coma I just got up from*****

Anyhow, I was planning to take a bike ride later today.....not sure if that is going to be happening. I am still on my running hiatus trying to see if I can calm these IT band and knee issues down. This morning in an attempt to do just that I did this 20 minute yoga session and my goal is to do it or another yoga class at least 4x this week. I liked this series as it helped to stretch areas that I am always tight!


Anyone else have any ideas besides not running on how to calm these legs of mine? What kind of cross training/cardio do you do besides running?



  1. Oh my you saw him! he is looking fit?! wow, that is super interesting. I hope he got his LIFE TOGETHER after that lame fit that he had last night. Grow up!

  2. I need more stretching. Definitely need more stretching.

    Cross training - swim & bike lately. Gives these poor legs of mine a break!

    I cannot believe that dude runs 8mi to then from a 12-hour shift. How's he do that??